Sparks – a poetical story in 360°

This film is the result of my European Project Semester at Artesis Plantijn University College in Antwerp, Belgium. In a multinational and interdisciplinary team, we set out to create a 360° short film with the goal to provide viewers with a highly immersive experience.

To achieve a higher degree of immersion we implemented interactive scenes into our film. For example, in the scene with the mirror, the mirror image would mimic the head movements of the viewer, to make them feel like they are a part of the scene.

Download a fact sheet about the project

This YouTube version does not contain the interactive parts, but is a great experience nonetheless:

A big thank you goes out to my project team:

Frances Liebau

Ruth Stuut

Irene Comella

Arno Bytebier

Tom De Nooijer

Ski De Keersmaecker

My personal special thanks goes out to my good friend Ariadne Schimmler, who is the voice behind this video. Check out her Patreon at

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