ARchimedes is the startup that Huang Chen, Alexander Helwig and I are currently working on. ARchimedes aims to solve the main problem with math education. We have found that most students struggle heavily with math because they have no perspective of how the concepts they learn apply to their later life. The phrase “what am I learning this for?” echoes through classrooms all around the world, leading to demotivation and high failure rates at exams.

With ARchimedes we want to solve this by creating exciting hands-on exercises using smartphone based AR, VR, as well as regular video and interactive exercises. Our contents are created in cooperation with companies who are active in the STEM field, and therefore have interesting use cases for math in their business. We take these cases and turn them into exciting real-life examples. This way, we can show students all the exciting jobs a solid foundation in math can unlock, and the companies gain exposure towards young talents.

At the same time, we are closely cooperating and testing our exercises with teachers and students in various schools, to ensure the didactic quality and entertainment value of the exercises.

This video shows a clickdummy of the app interface plus a fully functioning AR prototype, which we tested with students at St. Pölten business high school

Check out our website! It is always the most up-to-date information source.

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