Master’s thesis: done

With the most clutch project finish of all so far, I handed in my thesis on August 30th, 10:30pm – not two hours before the final deadline. It was quite a journey, with its ups and downs, but it’s finally finished. My original plan was to take time until February to write the thesis, but due to COVID, I decided to skip the summer holidays, and just work on it non-stop until I’m done (in every meaning of the word).

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And the winner is…

Tonight, our startup ARchimedes landed its first major success. We took part in the 5th smartup forum in St. Pölten, which featured a pitching competition where 11 local startups got the opportunity to present their business idea to decision makers from the St. Pölten area. ARchimedes took part in the competition, and managed to take the first place!

We also got to connect with the principal of St. Pölten Business High School, who we are now working with to set up a pilot test of our math learning app. This event was a huge boost for us and now we’re even more excited for the future of the startup!

Austria to Austin

This summer I had the chance to take part in an incredible program – the Austria to Austin entrepreneurship summer school, hosted by the Texan non-profit 3 Day Startup. This three-week program (which was fully funded by the US embassy btw) had around 20 Austrian students embark on a journey to Texas, to learn all about entrepreneurship.

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