Be an Everyday Hero

For the third semester of my Master’s, I decided to change it up and switch my regular classes for iLab – an international, interdisciplinary project semester (based in St. Pölten), which is focused on solving our society’s biggest problems.

Our team got assigned the following challenge:

“How can we use digitalization to promote natural protection and biodiversity?”

The concept of iLab is that you start out with lots of small teams (we were only two in the beginning). Throughout the semester, there are two “Gates”, where each team presents their current progress, and then some are kicked out. Those team members then get reassigned to the remaining teams and continue working on these solutions.

Luckily, our team made it through both gates and grew from two people two a final number of five. Our team had a diverse array of skills, which helped us a lot in the process of developing our final product. I proudly present:

An app which challenges users to change different areas of their life. Users track their challenge progress and the impact they have on the environment, and compare their results with friends. Our prototype contains a sustainable nutrition challenge, which revolves around a plant-based diet. As a side note, research for that challenge also made me go vegan overnight, and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Check out our website at!

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