How to pitch a startup

Over the months, two friends and I worked on a startup idea for an elective subject at university. A semester’s work culminated in a pitch for the Creative pre-incubator, a startup program run by Accent Gründerservice. First and foremost – we got accepted into the program!

The idea we pitched is ARchimedes – an interactive math learning app, which features exercises for all different learning styles, and contents taken from real-world examples. We started working on the idea at the beginning of the year, but changed the business model a lot with the information we learned during our summer school programs.

ARchimedes will also heavily rely on AR and VR exercises, in order to make math more tangible and exciting. To showcase this, we created a small demo scene on exponential growth for the live pitch, which we then showcased in AR. Of course the scene contained an exponentially growing amount of gold coins, to show what would happen if you invested in our startup.

Bein accepted into the incubator means we will now get more support through the next year, which means you’ll definitely get to read more from this project.

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